Multiple Product Dispenser Program

Whether your station is self-serve or full-serve, the buying experience begins right there at the pump.  A good experience with an easy-to-use, top of the line, efficient fuel pump can make all the difference when the customer decides where to purchase gas the next time.  A clean, modern fuel pump may also encourage your customers to expand their experience to shopping inside your convenience store.

New fuel pumps can include familiar ATM-style customer interfaces to make them easy to use.  Today's dispensers are PCI compliant to ensure secure payment, are tamper resistant and include full multi-media capable screens to allow you to promote any of your products.  You will find your customers returning to your business because they find your pumps easy to use, keep their information secure, and process their transactions quickly.

GP Energy's Multiple Product Dispenser (MDP) Program is designed to help you make good decisions about upgrading your fuel pumps.  Currently, GP Energy partners with two leading MPD manufacturers:

Mario Sepia

Dresser Wayne

Dresser Wayne has over 125 years of experience in the retail and fleet fueling industry.  From their founding days, Dresser Wayne has had a strong reputation for quality and excellence.

Dresser Wayne fuel pumps are easy to use and employ the latest technology to make it easy to track sales, inventory levels, brand your business, and promote your product.  You can rest assured that customer's financial data is secure with the use of the latest information security technology and secure payment systems.

Your investment is well protected because all their pumps have durable construction to withstand whatever climate your business is located in.  In fact, their machines are built with easy maintenance and technology upgrades in mind, and Dresser Wayne stands behind the quality of all of their parts.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

By 1884, the partnership of Charles Gilbert and John Barker that had created one of the nation's first safe indoor gas lamps nearly 20 years prior had achieved recognition as the largest single retailer of gasoline in the United States.

Today, Gilbarco is a key supplier of fuel dispensers and convenience store supplies.  Several dispenser models are currently available so that services can be scaled for your needs.  Gilbarco has continued to lead the market in employing leading-edge technologies for their pumps, including a recently announced partnership to begin to offer EV charging stations in their product mix.

Their expertise doesn't stop at the dispenser. Gilbarco's experienced technology professionals actively work with business owners to implement secure payment transaction systems to keep their customers' financial information safe.

Regardless of the manufacturer you select, GP Energy can help fund the new MPD's with a low-interest loan or a cents per gallon re-amortization capture.  Our goal is to help minimize your out of pocket cash flow and allow you to take advantage of the most current fuel dispensing technology.

Making the Decision

While there are many factors to consider in upgrading your dispensers, nothing will increase the consumer appeal or operational efficiencies of your business as much as upgrading the fuel dispensing equipment.  Our team of experts will help you sort through all the questions and help you come up with the solution that is best for your business.