The vision of GP Energy is to continually seek out the needs of our customers and meet or exceed those needs today and in the future. The Methodology we will use to achieve this vision will be through improvements in strategic partnering.

Branded Versus Unbranded Fuel Contracts. 

Branded Versus Unbranded Fuel Contracts

What You Can Expect from Branded Versus Unbranded Fuel Contracts At its core, all gasoline starts as the same basic fuel.  It’s not until it leaves the manufacturing facility that it transforms into a branded fuel if that’s its destiny.  Branded fuel is different from unbranded alternatives because it contains proprietary additives meant to increase… Read More

Self Checkout

Self Checkout

Self Checkout Provides Better Service and Solves Labor Shortage Issues While many of us are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, convenience stores continue to suffer longer-term problems, including labor shortages, product scarcity, and new gasoline-related issues resulting from the war in Ukraine.  The best many store owners… Read More