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The vision of GP Energy is to continually seek out the needs of our customers and meet or exceed those needs today and in the future. The Methodology we will use to achieve this vision will be through improvements in strategic partnering.

C Store Program

C-Store Program

Invest in a C-Store franchise.

Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Krispy Krunchy Chicken Program

Add a food service program.


Cardlock Program

Offer a Cardlock Program.

Kickback Card

Loyalty Program

Bring repeat business.


Fuel Program

Branded or unbranded, your choice.

Istobal Car Wash-gradient

Istobal Car Wash Program

Add a car wash to your gas station.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Unique solutions for YOUR needs.

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Why settle for a job? Choose a career.

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c-store diversification

C-Store Diversification

Diversifying Your C-Store Business is Essential According to NACS, about 150,000 gas stations are operating in the United States.  That number has declined steadily over the last twenty years.  Margins are disappearing, consumer demands are fluctuating rapidly, and more alternatively-powered vehicles are on our roads.  In fact, the average net profit on a gallon of… Read More

Simple Steps to Deter Theft In Your C-Store

Simple Steps to Deter Theft In Your C-Store

Simple Steps to Deter Theft and Robbery in Your Convenience Store A significant risk for all business owners is product theft and robbery.  In 2019, the National Retail Foundation estimated the cost of inventory shrink (or shoplifting) as $46.8 billion for the entire US retail industry.  In 2007, Arizona State University released a study on… Read More