GP Energy is a leading provider of convenience store consulting services, from fuel supply and logistics to C-store loyalty rewards programs. Our service area primarily encompasses Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. We help convenience store owners and managers implement programs to propel their businesses down the highway to success. We are firmly committed to our mission of providing superior fuel supply and logistics services and world-class convenience store programs with the highest caliber of customer service in our industry. Through our uniquely branded Pinnacle 365 stores and Peak Rewards programs, we are committed to providing you with best-in-class service and extraordinary value.

We provide our clients with convenience store expertise and leadership to implement:

  • Pinnacle 365 convenience store branding packages.
  • Peak Rewards convenience store loyalty rewards program.
  • Branded fuel options: Chevron, Shell, Texaco, 76, and VP Racing Fuels.
  • Unbranded fuel options.
  • Wholesale fuel supply support and services, including fuel tank monitoring services.
  • Wholesale Petro Canada Lubricants and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF.)
  • Professional fuel logistics planning services and proprietary fuel logistics solution: Arrow Logistics.
  • Fleet fuel cards and card management solutions.
  • State-of-the-art carwash solutions: Istabol Carwash.
  • In-store hot food program: Krispy Krunchy.
  • Industry-experienced convenience store marketing solutions and business planning services.
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Focusing on Security to Attract More High-Quality Applicants

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Consumers Want in Loyalty Rewards Programs

What Do Consumers Want in Loyalty Rewards Programs?

Are you searching for innovative strategies to captivate and retain customers for your convenience stores (c-stores)? If you find yourself navigating this challenge, you’re not alone. Amidst the pandemic, c-stores demonstrated remarkable adaptability by introducing enticing features such as curbside pickup, delivery services, and pre-packaged meal options. However, shifting consumer behaviors have emerged since then,… Read More