The vision of GP Energy is to continually seek out the needs of our customers and meet or exceed those needs today and in the future. The Methodology we will use to achieve this vision will be through improvements in strategic partnering.

Community for C-Stores

The Importance of Community for C-Stores

Something remarkable happened for convenience stores in 2020.  While the COVID pandemic put stress and strain on businesses across the country, it also presented some new opportunities.  Convenience stores that reacted with flexibility and agility provided their communities with something badly needed:  clean and convenient access to food and supplies.   From quickly adopting new sanitization… Read More

car wash

Why Adding a Car Wash is a Smart Decision

The convenience store industry is a tough business.  Labor shortages mean business owners pay higher wages to attract and retain quality employees.  With consumers focused on high gas prices, the pressure to lower prices to bring in more customers cuts into the profit margin even more.  One solution is to look at complementary services your… Read More