The vision of GP Energy is to continually seek out the needs of our customers and meet or exceed those needs today and in the future. The Methodology we will use to achieve this vision will be through improvements in strategic partnering.

controlling fleet costs

Controlling Fleet Fuel Costs

Managing your expenses in a volatile world is challenging at best.  When your business revolves around external pricing stressors like fuel costs, your efforts to achieve profitability can seem to have little effect on the bottom line.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, diesel gasoline prices have increased nearly 50% over the past year… Read More

look for in a fuel dispenser

What to Look for in a Fuel Dispenser

The fuel dispenser is the most integral part of your business as it represents the connection point between your product and your customers’ vehicles.  For your business to be profitable, you must have the best fuel dispensers to provide efficient and accurate service to your customers, with the ability to control inventory and obtain essential… Read More