Krispy KrunchyⓇ Program

Today's successful gas station is no longer a place just to fill up your tank.  It's a convenience center to fill all of your needs, from the customer's car, to the first aid kit, to the dinner table.  Consumers are short on time, and the modern gas station is helping to make the most of their customers' time by providing everything they need during a quick stop on the way to work, to play, or home.

All over the country, gas stations have been adding fast food selections to their array of products-on-the-go.  Consumers are discovering that the quality of food in these centers is the same as stand-alone restaurants, but without having to make an additional stop.  A good fast-food option drives more consumers to the gas station, and many become frequent customers even when they don't need to purchase fuel.

If you're looking for a way to attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and diversify your revenue, then adding a convenience store food service program to your line up might be just the solution for you!

GP Energy is proud to partner with Krispy Krunchy.  Krispy Krunchy was founded in Lafayette, Louisiana as a convenience store restaurant and has quickly spread to 2300 convenience locations in 41 states.

Consumers across the United States are enjoying Krispy Krunchy because of its authentic Louisiana fried chicken taste. They are no longer only chicken, either.  Krispy Krunchy has convenient breakfast items available to help you be a player in the growing breakfast industry.

Krispy Krunchy makes start up a breeze.  There are no franchise or royalty fees to worry about.  Experts at Krispy Krunchy will work with you to transform your location with the right equipment, internal and external branding, and a complete digital marketing package.

Krispy Krunchy is designed to provide you with a professional and branded image with a high-quality, low price product for your customers.

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Krispy Krunchyis innovative in its approach to business.  They've developed specialized software for transactions, tracking inventory, and distributing communications, and training from headquarters.

If cost is an issue, Krispy Krunchy has financing and leasing programs available to get your business off the ground (subject to application and qualification.)  If you currently have equipment in place, Krispy Krunchy will review it to determine if it can be customized for use with their product.

There are requirements you will need to follow as a franchise owner.  For example, you can only buy and use Krispy Krunchy's proprietary items, you may only buy food service items from their designated supplier, you can't co-mingle unauthorized products with Krispy Krunchy, etc.