Convenience Store Program

Today's consumers are busier than ever.  Continually connected to work through cell phones, on the run to bring children to school and other activities, or in a hurry to get errands done between jobs, your customers are desperately seeking to get more of the one thing they can't buy:  time.

Because gas stations are conveniently located where customers live, work, and shop, you have the opportunity to fulfill consumers' needs by having more of what they need on the run with a convenience store.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), in 2018, 79% of convenience store retailers reported increased sales during the first half of 2018 when compared to that same time period in 2017.  Additionally, NACS found that 80% of fuel in the United States is purchased from convenience store locations.



What this means is having a convenience store at your site will attract more customers to your fuel pump, and convenience store purchases are a great way to increase and diversify your revenue.

GP Energy is the proud owner of the Pinnacle 365 brand and works with other c-store brands to offer opportunities for gas station owners to expand their services for customers with a convenience store.


product placement

Investing in a Pinnacle 365 or C-Store franchise will:

Construction and design.  Whether you are converting an existing location or building from the ground up, Pinnacle 365 has a construction and development team to help you assess locations, design your store, and bring your dream to reality. Pinnacle 365 may even be able to help with funding and finance.

Support team.  Pinnacle 365 has an experienced team to help you in all facets of setting up and running your convenience store, including ongoing training and development.

Brand recognition.  Consumers know and seek out the peak of the Pinnacle 365.

Buying power.  Pinnacle 365 has already established healthy margins and cost-saving relationships with many well-known brands.  You can take advantage of the discount/rebate program they have already negotiated with suppliers. Pinnacle 365's buying power also extends into helping you purchase the equipment you need for your store at already negotiated prices.

Proprietary Products.  You'll be able to offer products sold only by Pinnacle 365 that customers love and have margins to support a healthy bottom line.

Customers love c-stores because it's easy for them to grab what they need on the go:

Whether your customer is looking for a quick snack, a gallon of milk, or ingredients to whip together a quick meal, all these needs can be met while filling up the car at the pump.

You never know what will happen when you're on the road.  Customers love the convenience of quickly being able to get a few first aid items or car maintenance supplies without having to go to a big-box store.

The variety of products sold in a c-store is incredible.  There are choices for everyone whether searching for beverages, smoking products, or coffee.

Stores are light, bright, and organized well making the stop an enjoyable shopping experience.