GP Energy Coffee Program

For vast numbers of Americans, grabbing that cup of coffee on the way to work has become a part of their daily routines. Whether seeking the warm cup of joe to make their morning a bit brighter or just getting that needed dose of caffeine to get going for the day, getting a good cup of coffee is on the top of many customers' daily to-do lists.

According to USA TODAY in "Best Gas-Station Coffee in all 50 States", consumers are finding greater satisfaction with the quality of coffee purchased in gas station convenience stores, making that extra stop at a specialty coffee shop no longer necessary.  With coffee purchases in gas stations on the rise, now is the perfect time for you to add a high-quality coffee service to your business.  When customers know they can fill up their cars and fill up their coffee mugs with delicious coffee at the same time, they will have more reason to choose your business over the competition.

Today's options for coffee services are considerably better than the gas station coffee of the past.  Equipment is compact and easy to maintain.  The quality of specialty or premium coffee is competitive with national coffeehouse chains, and the selection of options you can provide your customers is broad.  Peninsula Petroleum makes it easy to determine exactly what set up and selection is best for your company and your customers.

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With our Coffee Program, you will:

Drive new and existing customers from the gas pump into your store.  This means that you'll not only gain additional revenue from the sale of coffee, but also from any other impulse purchases they make while inside your convenience store.

Experience increase check averages, margins, and transactions.  With the profit margin of fuel purchases becoming tighter every day, purchases of non-fuel items such as coffee can really help to boost your bottom line.

Have improved customer satisfaction.  Fulfilling your customer's many needs in just one stop is an enormous benefit to the consumer and will keep them coming back to you.

Offering a premium coffee service is a great way for you to provide higher convenience to your customers and increase the revenues for your business's bottom line.