ISTOBAL Car Wash Program

Adding a car wash to your existing gas station not only increases revenues to your business, but it attracts new customers and retains existing clients because of the convenience it adds to their lives.

Car washes require relatively minimal upkeep and maintenance while the value to both you and your customers is considerable.  We partner with ISTOBAL, a global leader in the car wash and car care industry.

ISTOBAL is present in more than 75 countries providing its products and services through a wide network of car wash distributors, car wash manufacturers, and its own subsidiaries.

ISTOBAL adapts its machines to the different markets from various manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide.

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GP Energy is proud to partner with ISTOBAL because of the many benefits their solutions bring to you and your customers:

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ISTOBAL is a world leader in innovative solutions for car wash and care systems.  You can be assured your business is providing state of the art car wash services to your customers.

ISTOBAL car wash brushes are the product of revolutionary design.  Their "Link-it" brush systems, both polyethylene (brush) and foam (brushless), feature simple construction of interchangeable and disposable wash materials resulting in greater flexibility, profitability, durability, versatility, and less impact on the environment.

World-renowned automobile manufacturers trust ISTOBAL.  Ferrari and Lamborghini factories choose ISTOBAL's soft foam brushes for cleaning their automobiles.

With ISTOBAL, you can install a car wash system that allows your customers to choose from different methods of washing:  from friction with three to five brushes, to touch-free, or a combination of both.  These choices allow your customers to keep their vehicles clean while using the kind of cleaning equipment they feel is best to protect their investment.

ISTOBAL car wash systems are eco-friendly.  Because they use a concentrated formula with smaller bottles, ISTOBAL cleaners use 90% less plastic in their chemical product packaging which means less waste.  Smaller packaging also means it takes less cargo room for transport, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.  All ISTOBAL chemical products are biodegradable and the company holds a ISO 14001 certificate as a result of their solid environmental policy.

Adding a new service to your company may seem daunting, but our professionals at GP Energy and ISTOBAL walk you through every step of the process.  Our experts will help you determine the best solutions for your needs; assist with design, installation, and startup; and provide technical support and maintenance from the factory.  Our network of Technical Service Staff and car wash distributors enables us to provide high levels of support and customer satisfaction with your car wash operation.