GP Energy Careers

As part of the Andretti Group, GP Energy is the product of a long heritage of hard work and dedication to quality.  Being on a winning team means working every single day to be better and stronger. Continuous improvement is vital to succeeding in a constantly changing marketplace.  Our GP Energy team is built upon Great People who achieve Great Performance.

We are proud of our crew every day.  Our people are extraordinary problem solvers and “outside the box” thinkers.  Team members take initiative to do the right thing for our customers.  We invest in training for continuous growth and higher performance. We drive for results.

GP Energy employees support each other through challenges and celebrate as a team when we accomplish great wins.  We aren’t just committed to creating success for our business and our customers; we’re also always finding ways to help the communities around us.  We are truly in this all together.

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“GP Energy hires service-minded individuals who can think on their feet and are looking for a career.”

– Dylan Gamboa, General Manager Operations Support

Are you looking for a long-term career in an innovative and challenging environment where you can stretch your skills and grow a rewarding career working alongside other motivated and fun people?  Would you like to feel the rewards of providing needed expertise to business owners and witness them reach their full potential?  Do you enjoy working in an environment where your results are measured and your achievements are celebrated?

If you’re saying “YES!” then GP Energy may be just the place for you!  A career with GP Energy can mean opportunities of a lifetime for those people who aren’t afraid to work hard and race to the finish line!

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Joseph Ellis

We would like to recognize Joseph Ellis from our Redmond, Oregon My Circle K for going above and beyond on upselling carwashes. Recently we had a 30-day sales competition at our Redmond between all employees to see who could sell the most car washes in a 30-day period. Joseph sold 360 carwashes during the competition,… Read More

Employee Spotlight – Great People Great Performances

Recently Selina Moore had the opportunity to serve as the store manager at our Port Orford location and stepped right up to the plate- and took over the store. Selina rallied the troops and kept the store functioning well and in good shape for the return of the manager. Selina took everything in stride, including… Read More

Employee Spotlight – Mindy

At GP Energy, we have a strong commitment to doing the right thing at the right time. Our October ROCKSTAR did just that. This past Saturday, a customer in one of our Chevron Station and Car Wash on Williams Hwy in Grants Pass had a medical emergency. Thanks to her alertness and knowledge of first… Read More

Employee Spotlight – Central Point

We know we are only as successful as the community around us.  Rewarding our community leaders for their commitment to excellence is important to GP Energy. We’re proud to share this picture of Central Point Store Manager, Siane, and Assistant Manager, Jennifer, as they present the Central Point Police Department with GP Energy gift baskets.… Read More